The Doon Mozaic Volume 5, Issue 2


After the successful response from Volume 4 , we have decided to club our periodicity to a quarterly level. This issue is the first installment out of the four issues for The Doon Mozaic Volume 5, and is totally focused on the Impact of alcoholism and its dire consequences of grabbing the roots in the state. There is also a touch upon the report released by Niti Aayog on Health Indexes. A severe downfall is noticed in the health rankings in 2019. Hence, a special issue story has been dedicated to this issue.

Prior to the Chennai floods and now the Ground Zero-day in Chennai has raised concerns in India. As many of the cities are in danger of achieving ground Zero by 2022, we are focusing on its impact on Tier 3 Himalayan cities and small towns.
I hope you will enjoy reading this issue of The Doon Mozaic.


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Dimensions 6 × 9 cm

Paperback, Saddle Stitched


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